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Why Us?

We consider the vital reason of our success lies in our ability to anticipate the constantly changing Customer preferences and supporting their with strong after sales network.


  • Lack of Awareness about Product Awareness on components used, Warranty conditions and available brands.
  • No place to see the physical demo of product to understand features which differentiate pricing.
  • No data available on tabulation of comparative features and pricing like electronic goods.
  • No firm commitments on scope of after sales services or warranties.


Along with Market, Manufacturers have grown exponentially. In the game of survival of the fittest quality takes back seat, volumes achieved on slashing prices. Customers benefited but what was compromised is quality and durability.


  • Earlier Manufacturers used to appoint Channel Partners based on their Technical expertise and provide extensive training for doing site inspections, marketing and installations and sales after services during and after warranty period. Of late market for Solar products suddenly opened up. Huge investments required on inventories.


  • Channel patterns were replaced with Distributors based on their financial strength. Distributors intern appoint whole sellers, retailers whose strengths are reaching the end customer by making exaggerated promises on performance. Here, aspects like understanding customer requirements, customization and after sales service commitment were ignored. Distributors encourage outsourcing of marketing and service technicians on piece rate commission to reduce their fixed business overheads. Business became volume game with low margins where services remain promises are in air.

Why Ikshit olar:-

Solar Industry requires entrepreneurs who can understand the customer needs and customize products with new designs and service plans to enhance the product life and performance. We are not biased on brands. While every brand is expected to perform for reasonable life span, they do specify do''s and donts, installation procedures and warranty exclusions. The customers are expected to read and understand to know the product limitations. Our customer services commences at inquiry stage itself. Without rushing into suggesting products / brands, we listen to our customers carefully and understand their requirements. We fix the system layout design, product specifications and propose 3 / 4 brand choices which will fit into customer site requirements. We provide bill of material, scope of work, delivery and payment terms. We adhere to our delivery and after sales service commitments of any brand we supply. Our customers who underwent the above process are extremely satisfied. We value their long term relationships and reward our customers with Loyalty coupons.

Solar Clinic - Operations & Maintenance Specialists.

Our Services company takes over the responsibility of prompt safe and secure delivery, completes installation by trained technicians. We also provide services to any customers who are looking for One time trouble shooting repairs, installation services, specialized services to enhance performance etc.

We are the 1st company in India who branded Services through Service Plans for Residential / Commercial customers and also the Manufacturers and Dealers by outsourcing their service requirements.

Training Division:

Solar skill development programs were imparted to technicians. SOLAR CLINIC''s its added value added services makes us truly apart from quick profit making dealers provide us a vertical view over our competitors in this era and also draw us huge recognition among our clients.